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The success of global IT projects and other outsourced functions depends on organization, communication, and effective management. InfoPeople can guide you through the optimization of your enterprise’s operations, both locally and globally.

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Offshore Expertise

Leverage skill and expertise from across the globe.

Technical competency is a non-negotiable requirement that can often be in short supply. Harnessing this effectively for the success of your own business can be a challenge. InfoPeople can make sure that you have all the IT resources and expertise you need whenever you need them. With a streamlined project management model, we can help you bring down costs drastically without sacrificing quality of work.
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Effective Collaboration

InfoPeople knows how to properly balance onshore management and offshore production. Using our effective delivery models, you can finish projects quickly and on schedule. With teams working round-the-clock across different time zones, success hinges on efficient communication and collaboration, rapid response times, and cutting edge technology.

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Risk Reduction

InfoPeople makes sure that our clients do not have to worry about typical risks in global projects delivery. We make it our goal for organizations to work in complete synergy, despite any differences in time zones, business practices, and cultures. It’s not just about bringing down expenses. It’s also about maintaining a balance between onshore knowledge and offshore operations.

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Cost Optimization

The ability to effectively cut your IT expenses by half is one of the biggest benefits of offshore projects delivery. InfoPeople takes it a step further. We make sure that while you are paying less, the quality of work does not suffer, no matter how complex the project is.

Our offshore expertise is centered on effective management. Even with a team spread out across the globe, we can guarantee that your operations will run efficiently and with incredible precision.

Discover five breakthrough
practices enterprises can

InfoPeople believes that successful global project implementation comes with a
combination of efficiency and effectiveness – practices that are strategically planned in a
tailored project roadmap. Take the burden of planning and implementation off your
shoulder, and you can rest assured that your goals and objectives are intact with these five
major practice offerings.
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Test Automation

Run tests automatically to speed time to market. Manage test data with strict quality assurance measures and utilize results to improve software quality.

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Robotic Process Automation

Intelligently learn the way your users do things. Successfully mimic these actions with software to execute high-volume, repeatable tasks – and then save time and money.

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Internet of Things

Leverage data analytics, development, consulting, and app management services aimed at improving and systematizing the organization’s workflows with IoT technology.

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Increase your organization’s capacity to deliver products and services at high speed. Evolve and enhance your products at a faster pace than the competition.

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MS Dynamics

Become more agile with Dynamics 365, the only portfolio of intelligent business applications that enables everyone to adapt and transform.

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Global Locations

Global Locations

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